Departments   Water Supply Department


Functions & Duties

  • Installation & Maintenance of pipe lines.
  • Supply of drinking water.
  • Operation and Maintenance of head works, filtration plants.
  • Collection of Water charges from consumers.
  • Operation and maintenance of Jet pumps,bore wells & hand pumps.
  • Operation and maintenance of pumping stations and booster pumping stations
  • To provide fire hydrants under section 193 of BPMC Act 1949
  • To make prohibition of certain acts affecting the Municipal Water works under section 194 of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To make restriction for the construction of building etc. over municipal water main without permission under section 195 of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To make restriction for laying water mains in drain or on the surface of open channel or house gully or within 20 feet of cesspool or in any position where the water pipe is likely to be injured or water therein polluted except with the consent from commissioner under section 199 of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To make prohibition of fraudulent and unauthorized use of water under section 200 of BPMC Act 1949.

Department Head


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