Departments    Legal  Department


Functions & Duties

  • To settle the professional fees of advocate.
  • All procedure regarding giving benefits of pensions to the employee.
  • To brief the advocate to take, institute prosecute and defend any suit or other legal proceedings against the corporation.
  • To seek paradise institutions from relevant department and in consultation with the head of said department to settle the plaint/ws/reply affidavit etc
  • To control over the establishment of legal department and recommend or sanction the leave of subordinate as the case may be.
  • To seek the instruction relevant departments or authorities of corporation to take withdraw compound and defend legal proceeding
  • To advice for securing the exercise or discharge of any powers or duty vesting or imposed upon any municipal authority or any municipal officer or servant.
  • To advice on the appointment /removal of advocates and counsel on the panel of municipal advocates.
  • To advice for appointment of special counsels.
  • To control and supervise over acts and proceedings of Junior law officers and other subordinate officials of legal department.
  • To perform the duties for incidence of legal affairs of corporation.

Department Head


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