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Welcome to Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation

Jalgaon Municipal Corporation was founded in 21 march. 2003 & Smt.Ashatai Kolhe has become a first Leady Mayor of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation History

Jalgaon Municipal Corporation serves an area approximately 68.78 Sq.km. & provides civil services & facilities around the 4.60 Lacks people

Jalgaon also Known as "Banana-City", it contributes to about half of the Maharashtra state's Banana production,also jalgaon city is famoues as gold city Jalgaon is connected with Central Railway zone and National Highway No.6 and has Airport. Jalgaon also has good Industrial area & Education Institute’s as well as Good Hospital’s .

Jalgaon JCMC Election 2018

Jalgaon JCMC BY Election 2019

Municipal Secretary Department -


About Noise Pollution


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