Departments   Fire Department

The office of fire department is situated at Golani market and it is headed by fire officer.

Functions & Duties

  • To make proposal for maintaining fireman and fire engines.
  • To attend the fire incident and provide the fire tenders for the protection of life and property.
  • To prepare a proposal for fixing volunteer of fire brigade to supplement the municipal fire brigade and place before the corporation for recognize under 285(3) of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To use the powers at fire as per section 286 of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To close the street, in or near which a fire is burning as per section 287(2) of BPMC Act 1949.
  • To submit a report of fire to the commissioner not later than the day and weekly returns of all fire which occur in the city to standing committee under section 289 of BPMC Act 1949.

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